Thanks for an excellent 2019 Conference!

Teach Play Learn's 2nd annual conference took place on July 12 on the IU South Bend campus. Check back later in the fall for an announcement about the 2020 conference date.

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Seann Dikkers

Image of dikkers -seannDr. Seann Dikkers is an author, education researcher, design consultant, speaker and founder of Dikkers Appraisal, LLC. He has consulted on playful learning designs in schools, digital gaming, museums, conferences, and mobile learning applications. Seann teaches at Bethel University training new teachers. Previously, Seann taught middle school and worked as a high school principal for fourteen years before devoting himself to full time research at the University of Wisconsin -Madison. There he began to study the use of digital media for learning - including video games. He has written on Mobile Media Learning, Real-Time Research, and a number of articles looking at teaching and learning with and in video games. His last book, "TeacherCraft: How Teachers Learn to Use Minecraft in the Classroom," explains developmental adoption practices of teachers. In addition to being a gaming consultant, Seann is a husband and father of two and makes wooden swords for his kids to have epic battles in the back yard.  

About the Conference

The Teach, Play, Learn conference brings together stakeholders interested in exploring how games and play can be effective tools for learning. The goals of the conference are to:

  • generate awareness and interest in the changing technologies and pedagogies in the quickly evolving area of educational games and playful learning.
  • demonstrate benefits of using games as part of classroom education.
  • showcase practical solutions for the design and implementation of games in the educational context.