Our keynote speaker is Andrew Davies from Virginia Commonwealth University

Andrew Davies

Andrew is an adjunct professor in the Communication Arts Department at VCU and catalogs his adventures in pedagogy on the blog TeachingTypography.wordpress.com. He speaks internationally on the various ways he uses playful pedagogy in his classroom. From game-based instruction to improving student engagement with gamification mechanics. His alter-ego leads the creative team at B2e design firm Paragon Design Group where he straddles the worlds of print, web and motion graphics media. He’s won numerous ADDYs, TELLYs and WEBBYs working for clients like American Express, CNN, National Geographic, and WordPress.com.

About the Conference

The Teach, Play, Learn conference brings together stakeholders interested in exploring how games and play can be effective tools for learning. The goals of the conference are to:

  • generate awareness and interest in the changing technologies and pedagogies in the quickly evolving area of educational games and playful learning.
  • demonstrate benefits of using games as part of classroom education.
  • showcase practical solutions for the design and implementation of games in the educational context.